/ Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled [v1.4.2]

Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled [v1.4.2]


Using a simple FAQ plugin you will have an opportunity to Anticipate your clients’ questions and eliminate doubts with an informative FAQ on your website. Your users will have a chance to higher product awareness. Elfsight plugin will assist to achieve the business goals. Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled

This plugin is your choice if

  • you want to boost your sales by answering clients’ questions and eliminating obstacles to purchase
  • you want to help your clients understand your products, services and conditions better
  • you want to reduce support service time and cost by up to 40%, preventing most frequent inquiries
  • you don’t to want to rack your brains customizing the widget and searching for the best way to display it
  • you are looking for a working solution worth its price Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled
  • lfsight FAQ is an easy-to-use and customizable tool to shape and display on your website a list of the most frequent customer questions with answers. Informative and easy-to navigate FAQ widget helps to anticipate clients’ enquiries and reduce time and cost of Support team. Using Elfsight FAQ may also help share more details about your products and services, focus attention on their benefits, and and eliminate any possible misconceptions and doubts to increase your sales.

    What you get with our plugin

    Well-structured FAQ for easy-to-find answers

    The structure of your FAQ is extremely important for perception of the information by readers. Orderly representation helps to navigate between questions and find the needed answers faster. Elfsight FAQ features single and structured lists to help you place your content in a balanced way. Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled

    Simple FAQ with minimum effort

    You can create a classic single list of questions & answers and display it on your website in a simple and clean format. Just switch off categories and make your question list. If you plan on showing not too many questions, this variant is what you need.

    Bring structure using categories

    If you’d like to show lots of questions about different aspects of your business, you are free to unite them into categories and thus make your FAQ structured. Create any number of categories, each with its own title and icon for more visualization and it will be easier for readers to find their question.

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Download : Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin By Elfsight Nulled v.1.4.1

December 25, 2020 – Version 1.4.1

### Fixed
* WordPress 5.6 compatibility issue
* Schema.org markup issue