GravityView [v2.2.4] Nulled (Gravity Forms Import Entries)


Here’s a walkthrough of using GravityView Nulled plugin. With the plugin, you can import CSV files into Gravity Forms.You can also search for a form by typing a form name in the search box. Click on the name of your form to proceed.Enter a new form name then click the “Continue With Import” button to proceed.

For each column in your import file, choose the GravityView Forms GPL field you want to map it to. You can skip columns by selecting “Do Not Import” from the “Import To” dropdown. You can also create a new field during import by selecting “Add Form Field” from the “Import To” dropdown.

Once you have mapped your fields, there are some basic options to configure.If you aren’t sure what to do, you can hover over the Help icon in the lower right area of the screen.

With this setting enabled, if the importer encounters a problem with the CSV, it will not stop the import. It will continue processing all the rows of your CSV file then provide a report of the errors encountered.If you want to filter the entries that are imported based on their values, you can do so by using the “Conditional Import” setting.

Enabling this setting will send your GravityView Free Download Form Notifications for each row of your CSV.Once your options are configured, click the “Continue With Import” button to start the import.

GravityView Nulled Demo