SearchWP Boolean Search Nulled [v1.4.3]

SearchWP Boolean Search Nulled requires no configuration. It adds support for excluding results based on keyword. For instance, if the search query is “cats -dogs -birds” only entries with “cats” and without both “dogs” and “birds” will be included.

You can utilize all of the content that’s gone unrecognized by native WordPress keyword search instantly with SearchWP.

SearchWP makes Custom Fields searchable!

Custom Fields (post meta) are completely ignored by WordPress search! Use SearchWP to instantly make all of your valuable data searchable.SearchWP Boolean Search Nulled

SearchWP works with all Custom Fields in any way you’d like, including data from popular plugins like:

and more! Further, SearchWP makes it easy to customize & refine the data during indexing which ensures you’re getting the best possible search results.


On-site search activity is extremely valuable insight into visitor behavior.

Visitors are literally telling you what they’re looking for!SearchWP Boolean Search Nulled

SearchWP recognizes and understands how beneficial powerful on-site search is, not only for your visitors but for you too.

With an effective on-site search solution your visitors will broadcast what they’re looking for. SearchWP will help you help them find it.

SearchWP’s Metrics Extension analyzes your search traffic, showing you what visitors are searching for, finding, and not finding.

SearchWP’s data will help you improve your site content!SearchWP Boolean Search Nulled

(Don’t worry developers, custom integrations & hooks are a big focus too!)

WordPress already has search functionality, SearchWP steps in by integrating with your existing search form and results template.

There is no coding neceassary to replace your existing keyword search form or results template! SearchWP automatically integrates with native WordPress search forms in:SearchWP Boolean Search Free Download

[Fix] Issue with dash handling in some cases
[Update] Updated updater