Amazzing filter module Nulled [v3.1.4]

Amazzing filter module Nulled, that can instantly process thousands of products without timeout errors. Tested on stores with 30 000+ products Amazzing filter was developed for instant processing of thousands of products .
Initial set-up is very simple.Once module is installed, you will have a general filter template for all existing categories. You can easily edit this template by drag-n-dropping available filter criteria in required order.If you want to display some specific filters on selected categories, you can create a new template for those categories only.

Amazzing filter module Nulled Except category pages, filter block is also available for the following pages: New products, Prices drop, Bestsellers, Search results, Products by manufacturer, Products by supplier and Main page.All of these pages have adjustable templates, that are activated automatically on module installation. If you don’t want to display filters on some of those pages, you can simply deactivate corresponding templates.

Amazzing filter module Nulled Customers can easily get the list of required products, basing on selected criteria. List is generated pretty fast without reloading the page.
Moreover, customers can set individual filtering preferences. For example, they can choose size “L” as a “permanent” filter. So everytime they go to any category, “L” filter is applied automatically if “size” filter is available on that page.

Amazzing filter module Nulled is installed in a regular way. Simply upload your archive and click install. Don’t forget to uninstall other filtering modules in order to avoid possible interference.
Once module is installed, you should run indexation once. After that, each time you update a product, it is indexed automatically. You don’t have to set up additional cron tasks.You can easily select hook and change positions on module configuration page.

Amazzing filter module Nulled Demo

Download : Amazzing filter module Nulled v3.1.3