Conversation Essentials Nulled [v2.4.8]

This add-on adds vital functions and features for viewing and managing personal Conversation Essentials Nulled. Currently installed on large forums with no reported issues.
This add-on is simply a must have for anyone with more than just a few conversations in their Inbox.

If upgrading from the XF1 version please see the FAQ. Many features require the Conversation Essentials Nulled (free) “Manager Conversations” for moderators to use those permissions in any conversation.

Feature List: Conversation Essentials Nulled

  • Easily see Conversation Essentials Nulled participants. Conversation participants are visible in the conversation list where the participants may be displayed as either usernames or avatars, and can easily be switched via a toggle. An overlay with all the participants is also available. See image #1
  • Easily see who has left a conversation permanently. Participants who have left a conversation permanently (ie will never receive further responses), are now displayed with a strikethrough their username and an X at the top right corner of their avatar. This is invaluable information as before you did not know whether a participant will ever see/read your message. If all participants have left a particular Conversation Essentials Nulled, the reply box will now be hidden to prevent sending out a message that no one will ever see/read. See last image.
  • Multiple conversations manipulation. All conversations now have a checkbox beside their title, allowing for the selection of multiple conversations to be processed inline all at once. Actions that may be performed inline are: See image #3
    • Set Label
    • Stick / unstick
    • Lock / unlock
    • Copy to Thread
  • Labels/Folders. This option provides certain usergroups the ability to create their own labels and assign them to their conversations for easy referencing. Conversation Essentials Nulled are searchable by prefix. Functions like mail-like folders.
    • Admins can also create default labels available via user-group
  • Trash bin & rejoin deleted conversations. Allows users to rejoin a conversation they have left before it is permanently deleted when all users leave.
  • Option to prevent deleting Conversation Essentials Nulled, and preserve them. Users can still leave them as expected.
  • Conversation Essentials Nulled rules. This is a powerful feature which allows limited mail-box like rules to automatically assign conversations to labels as they are received.
    • Admins can also create default rules available via user-group
  • Participant groups. This option provides certain usergroups with the ability to create Participant Groups. These groups of multiple recipient names are then available via a dropdown menu when starting a new conversation. This is a great time saver when you often need to start a conversation with the same group of people such as your forum staff.
  • Inbox size limit. This option allows you to set a limit to the size of the inbox for certain usergroups. A visual percentage bar and text is displayed on the conversation list page, giving your members a clear indication of exactly how much space they have left in their inbox. Once the limit is reached, the user is prevented from starting or receiving new conversations. Should a member be blocked from receiving a Conversation Essentials Nulled, they will get an alert indicating that person X has tried to contact them but could not get through due to their inbox being full.
  • Auto Respond to Conversation Essentials Nulled starter.¬†With this option, your members are able to set an auto response message to new conversations they receive while on vacation. Each member can set a start date, an end date, and the message that will be automatically posted for them whenever they receive a new conversation/reply. There is also the ability to exclude people you follow from receiving this response.
  • Moderator Auto Respond after X number of days. This feature ensures that Conversation Essentials Nulled directed at moderators do not go un-answered. If one of your moderators is contacted but he/she has not logged-in for X number of days, the system will first attempt to auto respond with the moderator’s Auto Response message (user group permission required). Should this moderator not have an active auto response, the system will then respond with the Mod Auto Response suggesting the member contact one of the other moderators instead.

Conversation Essentials Nulled Demo

Download : Conversation Essentials Nulled v2.4.7