Data Analytics for PWA Nulled [v.1.5]

Data Analytics for PWA

Easily track the PWA APP installations!

Data analytics for PWA Nulled extension allows you to see how many customers interact with your website using PWA APP. You check how many customers are install PWA APP, including PWA installation graph. When you install and open the PWA APP, you can see the today install counting and graph of installation.

Data Analytics for PWA Nulled PLUGIN FEATURES

  • Track PWA installation Count– This addon will allow you to track the number of PWA installation that has been made in the day format, makes it easy for you to understand the number of PWA users and it’s potential. Data Analytics for PWA Free Download
  • Graph Analytic Charts – Gives you the full history of PWA installations by day, week and month in the user-friendly graphs. This will help you understand the growth of the audience base of PWA.
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Data Analytics for PWA Nulled Demo

Download : Data Analytics for PWA Nulled v.1.4