Easy Digital Downloads – Updates Nulled [v.1.3]

Keeping your customers up-to-date with your plugin can be vital, whether it’s due to a security fix or a new feature set.  Easy Digital Downloads – Updates Nulled  allows you to send personalized email messages to your customers with new download links for updated products within Easy Digital Downloads.

Updates Nulled I. Getting Started

Install the Extension

1. Download plugin as .zip

2. Go to Plugins → Add New in WordPress Dashboard

3. Select “Upload” Updates Free Download

4. Upload the downloaded .zip file

5. Activate plugin (Must have Easy Digital Downloads already installed and activated)

Choose your settings

6. Go to WordPress Menu → Downloads → Settings → Emails and scroll to the bottom

7. Choose your product update email settings Updates Nulled

More info: see the “Settings” section below (Section II)

Create a product update email

8. Go to WordPress Menu → Downloads → Product Updates

More info: see the “Main Product Updates Page” section below (Section III)

9. Click the “Send New Email” button located at the top of the page (next to “Product Updates” header)

10. Once on the “Add Product Update Email” page, fill in the info about your email including from name, from email, which products to update, and the message to send to customers.

More info: see the “Add/Edit Product Update Email Page” section below (Section IV)

11. Click the “Save Changes” button in the top right of the page or the “Save Email” button at the bottom of the page

12. If you wish, you can continue to edit your email (just be sure to save it!) Updates Nulled

Test your product update email

13. Once you are satisfied with your email, you can preview it by clicking the “Preview Email” button in the top right

14. If the preview looks good, you can also send a real test email by putting to up to five emails (separated by commas) in the text field under “Send Test Email To:” and clicking the “Send Test Email” button. Please note: links do not work in test emails because the links are created using purchase information, which isn’t available in the test emails. The links will work on real emails sent to your customers.

Easy Digital Downloads – Updates Nulled Demo

Download : Easy Digital Downloads – Updates Nulled v.1.2