GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled [v1.3]

GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled compliance are no longer issues with this easy-to-use extension: create and manage the design, content, and options of cookie pop-ups, no coding required.

GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled extension has a number of features making it simple to manage cookies, allow acceptance from website visitors, and ensure compliance with many of the GDPR requirements.

  • Create cookie pop-ups without coding.
  • Manage cookies for GDPR compliance.
  • Export and copy cookie data to review and manage outside your website.
  • Search for cookies by unique ID.
  • Choose the placement of your cookies.
  • Change the colors of the pop-up, buttons, and text.
  • Add basic visual animations for your cookies pop-up when cookies are accepted.

GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled Opening up your store customers in the EU means increased sales. And a cookie notice gives customers the ability to choose what they do and don’t share with you — a key feature for privacy-conscious customers.

Features GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled

  • Display a cookie notice: Integrate a cookie notice into your WooCommerce website with a few clicks. The notice will display for all first-time users, allowing them to accept or refuse cookie tracking on your website.
    • Add a custom message: Write your own custom text. Customize the button text, and include/exclude a link to your website’s privacy policy. 
    • Customize the appearance of your cookie notice: Change the color, background, and position of your cookie notice. Add animations. Choose from several preconfigured button styles:
    • Allow auto-acceptance on scroll: Configure your cookie notice to automatically allow cookies when the user scrolls a certain distance.
    • Track user activity: Keep track of who accepts and declines cookies, all within your WordPress dashboard. GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Free Download

GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled Demo

Download : GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce Nulled v1.2

*** WooCommerce GDRP Cookies Changelog ***

2021-02-16 – version 1.2
* PLUGINS-447 – Tweak user text
* PLUGINS-476 – Fix several PHP error messages
* PLUGINS-509 – Fix Admin JS confliction issue.
* PLUGINS-449 – Provide description for _blank and _self options
* PLUGINS-448 – Should appear under WooCommerce section not main menu