GeoDirectory Events Nulled [v2.1.1.4]

Our GeoDirectory Events Nulled directory add-on provides you with all the power of a standard custom post type but with Event centric fields and sorting.

  • Recurring events let users add their events once and automatically populate the directory with recurring listings.
  • Advanced Filtering options let users filter events to only show precisely the events that suit their dates.
  • Multiple Events CPTs, combined with our Custom Post Types add-on, you can make any CPT Event specific.
  • Price Specific Features with Pricing Manager. Upsell features such as “recurring events” by limiting it to paid price packages only.
  • Link Events to a “venues” CPT (CPT add-on required) and show a tab of all upcoming events on a venue listing and a link to the venue from the event listing.
  • Calendar view is a helpful feature that will show users what days have events running during each month.
  • Advanced Search – Using our Advanced Search add-on, you can add date fields to the main search bar allowing exact date searches.

No matter the event type, our events add-on has you covered when it comes to recurring events.GeoDirectory Events Nulled

  • Daily – every day or every x days.
  • Weekly – Repeat weekly or every x weeks. Set the day of the week to recur on.
  • Monthly – set monthly or every x months. Set the day of the week to start and the week of the month. Therefore, allowing options such as the second Friday of each month.
  • Yearly – every year or every x years.
  • The Custom option shows a calendar view where specific dates can be selected.

Advanced GeoDirectory Events Nulled Filtering 

The main goal of any events website is to show the relative events to the user. Therefore, we have many ways to filter event dates. By providing specific links to each below timeframe, the link will always be relative no matter where it’s shared.

  • Upcoming – shows all upcoming events.
  • Past – Show all past events.
  • Today – Show only events happening today.
  • Tomorrow – Show only events happening tomorrow.
  • +7 Days – Show events happing in the next seven days.
  • +30 Days – Show events happing in the next thirty days.
  • This Weekend – Show only events happening this current weekend.
  • This Month – Show only events happening this month.
  • Next Month – Show only events happening next month.
  • Next Week – Show only events happening next week.

Developer Friendly

Our system is built to be extended, we have a huge amount of hooks and filters and if one is missing we will add it for you.GeoDirectory Events Nulled

Hooks & Filters

All our code is built to be extended with many hooks and filters.

Clean Code

Almost all of our code is properly DocBlocked to WordPress standards meaning you can pick it up quickly and easily.GeoDirectory Events Nulled

Small Learning Curve

We have done the hard work so things like adding or editing listings can be done via the standard WordPres functions, just $_POST the exra info and GeoDirectory will pick it up and do the rest.

API Calls

Just about anything can be done via our API, ideal for a headless directory website or app.

Location Manager – Go Global

The core plugin lets you add listings to one city, the Location Manager lets you add listings anywhere.

Go Global or Go Local

Enable global listings or limit them to specific Countries, Regions or Cities.GeoDirectory Events Nulled

Location Filtering

Browse listings Globally or by Country, Region, City or Neighbourhood. Admin can enable or disable any location types.


Need more specific than just a city then Neighbourhood will let you browse listings from places like NYC, China Town.

Near Me

Browse listings near your location or any location, ordered by distance to that location.GeoDirectory Events Nulled

Smart Location Adding

No need to pre add any locations, our system will automatically add locations from the users listings. Use Location autocompleter in a dd listing form.

Smart Location Filtering

When you first open up the location switcher it will suggest locations by proximity to your current location.GeoDirectory Events Free Download

GeoDirectory Events Nulled Demo

Download : GeoDirectory Events Nulled v2.1.1.3

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