GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled [v2.1.0.5]

The GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster and allows directory owners to monetize those listings in a smarter way if combined with the Prices and Payments Addon.

GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled After entering the main listing for a new Chain, fields of the Add Listing form can be locked. This way you can pre-populate most fields but allow the address, telephone number and email address to be entered separately for all branches of the chain. When the main listing is edited, locked fields are edited for all branches too.

GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled If the Prices and Payments Addon is installed, you need to enable franchises for the price packages of your choice, and you can set a different price for the main listing and a different price for the extra branches. If not using the Prices and Payments addon, franchises will automatically be activated for all of your listings.

GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled A new tab appears in all listings belonging to a franchise, showing the other franchisees listings.

It is possible to browse the list of all franchisees belonging to the same chain in a regular listings page too.

The AJAX Duplicate Alert extension keeps your directory free from duplicate entries. It checks several different fields of new listings in real-time against those already in the database. If it finds a match, it will warn the user that they are about to add a duplicate entry.GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled


The first step if you haven’t already, is to install the AJAX Duplicate Alert extension. This can be done by following our guides on how to install an extension.

Customizing the AJAX Duplicate Alert extension is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is tweak the error messages for each custom field value (this is entirely optional, you may also choose to use the default error messages). It is noteworthy, however, that AJAX Duplicate Alert validation messages can be customized for every field of every CPT separately. GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Free Download,

GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled Demo

Download : GeoDirectory Franchise Manager Nulled v2.1.0.4