Give – Recurring Donations Nulled [v1.12.3]

Secure Ongoing Revenue with Give – Recurring Donations Nulled

Do you know what online donations you can depend on this month? This quarter? This year? When you give your donors the ability to give on a recurring basis, you can!

Give – Recurring Donations Nulled add-on for GiveWP brings you more dependable payments by allowing your donors to give regularly at different time intervals. Let your donors choose how often they give and how much. Manage your subscriptions, view specialized reports, and connect more strategically with your recurring donors.

Provide Your Donors Flexible Recurring Donation Options

Give – Recurring Donations Nulled Create truly powerful recurring donation forms with a broad range of settings. You can give your donors full control over how often they give or decide on preset time periods and amounts. The choice is yours.

The Donor’s Choice feature allows you to customize how donors choose their subscription period.The Admin’s Choice feature requires the donor to give in the time periods of your choice.

Manage Recurring Donors in Your WordPress Dashboard

Give – Recurring Donations Nulled View and update your donation subscription records in the same place you keep track of all your fundraising efforts.

Your subscription donation data is always up to date so you can easily keep your records straight.

Analyze Custom Donation Subscription Revenue Reports

Give – Recurring Donations Free Download Fine-tune your recurring giving campaigns for more conversions using in-depth revenue performance analytics. Reporting is essential to understanding how well your cause connects with your community.

Give – Recurring Donations Nulled Demo

Download : Give – Recurring Donations Nulled v1.12.2

= Changelog ==

= v1.12.2: April 12th, 2021 =
* Fix: Send Failed Subscription email now goes to the correct email (the donor’s)
* Fix: Logging can no longer cause exceptions to be thrown, because that’s ironic