Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled [v3.1]

A creative WordPress blog theme should promise a unique visitor experience. And you, as the blog owner, should feel like this theme has been created only for you, upon your request. That’s what Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled does.

The WOW Effect

We worked hard to create a “killer” blog homepage for increasing the impact at the first sight, which is called “The WOW Effect”. All of the small details, animations, hover effects and extraordinary approach serve to this.

Focused on Creativity Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled

If we’re talking about a creative WordPress blog theme, you should find something new and remarkable in it. We created Gliu with this thought in our minds. Thus your creative content will shine in Gliu, with the help of the great design it has.

Fantastic Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled

We’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen a slider like this! After preloading your slides, it appears with a great animation decorated with some different shaped, colored and sized icons (we call them sparkles). And in each move, these sparkles animate randomly. You can change the number of sparkles as you wish.

As you may realized, you can use gifs in Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled slider which makes your blog look even better. Your gif files must be at 260×260px to look nice in the slider. But how are you going to edit a gif file, right? Luckily, there’s a great service for editing gifs: It’s totally free to use.

Mark your posts to make them pop out! These badges are totally manual and can be added on “Edit Post” screen, from the “Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled panel.

Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled Demo

Download : Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity Nulled v3.0