JRedirects Nulled [v1.7]

JRedirects Nulled finally makes it possible to manage redirects from old to new links automatically! It’s a revolutionary way to break with the past when you needed to map old links to new ones! It’s an invaluable tool to improve SEO, ranking and indexing of your website!

With JRedirects Nulled everytime that you change a menu or article alias or you change the structure of menu items, the old links are automatically mapped to the new ones under the hood!
There are no actions required on your part, the plugin will work seamlessly to redirect automatically users and search engines to new links.

Doing HTTP 301 redirects is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection to preserve your search engine rankings and Seo Juice assigned to your website pages.
It also has the additional benefit of preventing people from getting on “Page not Found” errors when they follow old links to pages on your site. They’re gracefully and automatically redirected to the appropriate new page on the site and optionally prompted to update their bookmarks.JRedirects Nulled

Keeping your SEO juice is actually pretty simple with JRedirects!
Moreover a lot of additional features are available to help you to maximize several SEO aspects of your website.

JRedirects main functionalities include:
•Automated redirects changing the structure and hierarchy of menus
•Automated redirects changing alias for either menu, Joomla! contents/categories and K2 contents
•Prevent duplicated links: JRedirects Nulled blocks and warns you when you are creating a duplicated link
•Fixes duplicated links for paginated results
•Prevent duplicated aliases: JRedirects blocks and warns you when you are creating a duplicated alias
•Prevent links spamming: JRedirects throw a 404 page for wrong links so that search engines won’t index fake links but only good links
•Redirects management in the Joomla! backend, edit, disable redirects, etc
•Get stats for pages, keywords, clicks, ranking of your website with the new Google Search Console integration™
•Redirect Checker to retrieve informations about links validity and redirection
•Htaccess assisted editor
•Redirect a whole category of article to a new one with massive redirects thanks to the .htaccess editor
•Robots.txt integrated editor
•Migrate URLs with ID to URLs without ID, redirect old links having numeric IDs to new links without IDs without losing the website indexing
•Migrate URLs by suffix, JRedirects Nulled links with or without the ‘.html’ suffix without losing the website indexing
•Domain prefix redirection, redirect all your links from the www. domain to the non-www domain or vice versa
•Custom domain redirection, you can redirect all links to the new custom website domain
Mobile detection and redirection, it’s able to detect mobile devices and redirect them to a specific domain
Fixes the Google warning to access CSS/JS files JRedirects Nulled

Automatic redirects: JRedirects manage redirects to new links automatically everytime you change alias or menu structure

SEO stats: get detailed stats for your website about keywords, ranking, etc with the Google Search Console integration™

Htaccess editor: an integrated and easy-to-use editor for the htaccess, manage redirects between categories and avoid errors JRedirects Nulled

Custom domain redirect: you can redirect all links to the new custom website domain

Prevent duplicates: you will be warned when you are going to create a duplicated link or alias in your Joomla! menus

Robots.txt editor: edit the robots.txt directly in the Joomla! backend in an easy manner with the integrated editor

Domain prefix redirect: JRedirects Free Download all your links from the www. domain to the non-www domain or vice versa

JRedirects Nulled Demo

Download : JRedirects Nulled v1.6