LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled [v1.2.7]

LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled is a free messaging app for teams and companies and its popularity is growing at a staggering pace. This integration makes it possible to sync LearnDash course events with Slack channels so as to view activities in real-time.

Add-On Features

Configure unlimited notifications
Setup custom notifications to appear in one (or multiple) slack channels as learners interact with LearnDash course content.LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled

13 LearnDash related triggers
Know exactly where learners are and how they are doing with your LearnDash powered courses with 13 useful triggers, including:LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled

  • Course enrollment
  • Course completion
  • Lesson completion
  • Lesson availability (drip-feeding)
  • Topic completion
  • Quiz completion
  • Quiz passing
  • Quiz failure
  • Assignment uploaded
  • Assignment approval
  • Learner inactivity
  • Course expiration
  • Essay question is graded

Real-Time Notifications
Notifications are added to slack in real-time. You will know the exact moment a user completes a quiz or finishes a course.Welcome to the LearnDash Demo Site! Here we show you an example of just how good your online courses can look using LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled

Show-Off Your Courses!

Using our FREEĀ Course GridĀ add-on you can display your courses all on one page, in various columns, by category, and more!

Create Professional, Polished Courses.

Your courses are a reflection of your brand, and your LearnDash-powered courses will never fail to impress.LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled

When Quality Matters, LearnDash Wins.

People continually trust in LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Free Download over any other solution, and for good reason!

LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled Demo

Download : LearnDash LMS Slack Integration Nulled v1.2.6