LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled [v3.3]

LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled Add-on makes creating and managing quizzes for your online course a breeze! You can instantly export quiz questions into a .xls or .xlsx file and import them from a simple spreadsheet template.

Export LearnDash Quizzes With the Click of a Button

LearnDash Quiz Import Export allows you to export all of your quizzes with a single click. Quiz questions are downloaded in a spreadsheet in XLS or XLSX formats. Once exported, you can modify or update the file and re-import it into LearnDash LMS using the add-on at any time.LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled

Import Quizes and Questions From a Simple Template

From a spreadsheet template, you can quickly create and import a high volume of quizzes and questions. Simply fill out the columns in the XLS or XLSX files and upload it to the addon. The add-on allows you to prevent previously imported questions from being re-imported to avoid duplicates.

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes Support

The add-on supports all LearnDash quiz question types, plus additional questions types available with the LearnDash Advanced Quizzes add-on. Question types that support media, such as images, can also be imported and exported using the add-on.LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled

Save Time by Determining Default Settings for Imported Quizzes

LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Free Download allows you to set default options that are automatically applied during import. You can determine quiz access, quiz progression and front-end display settings for all imported quizzes. You can also select any quiz as an example, so that their settings are applied to imported quizzes.

LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled Demo

Download : LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Nulled v3.2