Lisfinity Nulled [v1.1.14]


Lisfinity Nulled – Classified Ads WordPress Theme. For full details and features, check out the sales page.

Lisfinity Nulled is an incredible WordPress theme in its field as it allows you to create really serious
classifieds in any niche, in the shortest amount of time, in the most beautiful and best way.


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Download : Lisfinity Nulled v1.1.14

1.1.14 – 2020-11-15
The Highlight of the update – Many Improvements + Bug Fixes
New Features
Feature: Added functionality for displaying recently visited listings by the user
Feature: Added theme option to set how many recently visited listings will be stored in the database
Fixed: Improved header horizontal padding
Improved: Packaged marked to be sold only once like Free Trial will not go through checkout anymore
Hero Search
Fixed: Keyword suggestions still showing after deactivating them in the search builder
Fields Builder
Fixed: Issue with storing Cyrillic slugs to database
Fixed: Issue with decoding Cyrillic slugs
Search Page
Fixed: Logo not being displayed on the listing cards
Fixed: Displayed of the Cyrillic chosen filters
Fixed: Issue with loading category page when the category is Cyrillic
Fixed: Issue with the latest select field in the search filter not displaying menu because of the overflow hidden style
Improved: Adjusted listings container to fit the vertical flow
Improved: Made style 4 listings cards to have equal height
Search Builder

Fixed: Issue with changing price field label
Fixed: HTML entity being displayed in the names of the terms
Improved: Added placeholder for the minimum price value
Improved: Added placeholder for the maximum price value
Listing Single Page
Fixed: Slider sometimes not opening a gallery on click.
Fixed: WhatsApp calling by clicking on the icon wasn’t working
Improvement: If there is no selected location for the Listing, the Location Info Icon will not show up
Fixed: Custom Elementor footer visible in the user dashboard
Fixed: After disabling packages in the Lisfinity Options, still can see Active Package in the My Account/Dashboard
Improved: Added option to disable the discount price
Improved: Listings pagination when there are too many listings to be displayed on small screens
Theme Options
Fixed: Theme options sometimes breaking when creating Cyrillic categories
Fixed: Category Fields didn’t display in the Elementor Widget – Banner Search Form
Fixed: Search results in the Hero Search Form didn’t show over the other fields
Fixed: Included new Pagination in the Search Listings Element
Fixed: PHP warning displayed in place of the custom icon
Fixed: Detailed search group options weren’t applied sometimes
Improved: Rating and Location icons display when the owner logo is too big
Improved: Smaller bottom margin for the style 3 & 4 of the listing card
Improved: Added options to change the layout of the Categories Carousel Elementor Element
Improved: Added option to display and style number of the Listing’s views in the Lisfinity Ads Elementor Element
Improved: Added option to disable the Messanger Owner Button
Improved: Added option to disable the Visit Store Owner Button