Pimwick Nulled [v2.27]

Pimwick Nulled WooCommerce Affiliates Pro Boost sales by using affiliates

Having trusted affiliates refer customers to your store is a sure way to increase sales.

Starting an affiliates program has never been easier!

Track sales, award commissions, and more! Your WooCommerce store can increase sales by having affiliates sending customers your way.

How it works To get started, create your first affiliate by clicking on Create an Affiliate. Then send the affiliate their very own link. When a customer visits your site using this link the affiliate will be awarded a commission. It’s a win-win!

Affiliates Report Let the affiliates log in and track their own stats. Just link an Affiliate to a WordPress user.

Transparent Tracking View reports by affiliate to monitor results. Pro version includes reporting by product.

Pimwick Nulled Demo

Download : Pimwick Nulled v2.26

Allow the affiliate cookie to expire at the end of the session by setting Cookie Lifetime to zero. Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6