PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled [v.2.4.3]

PublishPress Checklists allows you to control the quality of your WordPress content

PublishPress Checklists

When you use PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled, you can define tasks that authors must complete before content is published. Tasks can either be recommended or required. As writers complete each item, the red text automatically turns to green.

For example, you can make sure your posts have a minimum or maximum number of words. Or you can ensure that all your posts have a featured image.

The main features of PublishPress Checklists

Create your own checklists

Next to every post and page, writers see a checklist box, showing the tasks they need to complete. As writers complete each item, the red text automatically turns to green when it is complete. PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled

Custom checklist rules

In addition to the default rules, PublishPress Checklists Nulled allows you to create your own rules. Click “Add custom item” to create as many rules as you want.

Configure your requirements

Each item on the checklist can be configured to meet your site’s needs. You can decide whether items are recommended, required or ignored. You can also set maximum and minimum values.

Feedback before publishing

If the writers don’t complete all the requirements, PublishPress Checklists will show them a message explaining what they need to do.

WooCommerce Products Checklist

This feature in Checklists Pro allows you to create requirements for WooCommerce products. You can set over 20 requirements that must be met before a product is published.

PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled More checklist items arriving soon

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be adding many more items:

  • Yoast SEO integration. Why not ensure you have the green checkmark before publishing?
  • Check for the correct spelling of certain names, such as “WordPress”, or your brand name.
  • Scan for broken links. PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled
  • Check for a certain number of internal links.
  • Look for missing alt tags and title tags. PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled
  • Force a certain size for featured images. This is great for themes that need images to be a certain height and width.
  • Avoid using certain HTML tags, such as H1, H4 and even color or marquee tags!

PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled Demo

Download : PublishPress Checklists Pro Nulled v.2.4.2

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