PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled [v2.4.5]

PublishPress Revisions allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions.

  • PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future. When you’re editing a published post, all you need to do is select a future date.
  • PublishPress Revisions allows you to control which users are able to submit revisions to published posts. You can use the new “Revisor” role, or customize the existing WordPress roles.
  • PublishPress Revisions enables you to submit change requests for published posts. Those requests can be approved or denied by other users.
  • Every requested change can be reviewed in the normal “Compare Revisions” interface in WordPress.
  • PublishPress Revisions has a Revision Queue screen where you can search, approve, or deny changes to a published post’s content.
  • Administrators and Editors are notified by email when a new revision is submitted.
  • Revisions Pro adds support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Moderate, schedule and compare changes to ACF fields in your published posts, just like other post content.
  • With Revisions Pro, your Contributors and Revisors will be able to submit revisions to published content using the front end editor of the Divi theme or Beaver Builder plugin.
  • With Revisions Pro, pending and scheduled revisions work in multi-language sites controlled by the WPML plugin. The WPML language filter works as expected on the Revision Queue screen, filtering listed results by language.
  • By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you also gain advanced permissions control through Permissions Pro. Customize permissions by role or per-user, granting full editing or revision submission rights to specific posts, categories or taxonomy terms.

PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled Demo

Download : PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled v2.4.5

= 2.4.5 – 30 Nov 2020 =
* Compat : WP Engine, Kinsta object cache – “Pending Revision” checkbox was ineffective
* Compat : Pods – Revision publication applies changes to Relationship fields
* Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Revision editing or deletion was improperly blocked under some configurations
* Fixed : Revision submission by Administrator or Editor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations
* Fixed : Edit Revision screen did not display Approve Revision button to users who cannot delete the revision
* Fixed : Revision Queue – other plugin / theme filters could cause all revisions to be listed when a requested published post has no accessible revisions * Fixed : Revision Queue – filter links worked, but had original URL reconstructed incorrectly
* Fixed : Revision Queue – pagination links had badly formatted arguments if a filtering argument is active
* Fixed : Revisors had non-applicable elements hidden in post editor, but orphaned labels for those elements remained visible
* API : New filter ‘revisionary_notify_publishers_eligible’ to modify eligible “Publishers to Notify” when Email Notification is optional