SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled [v1.6.2]

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled enhances your search form by applying an AJAX search, allowing you to see search results without needing to redirect to a results page. Designed to work with any theme and any SearchWP configuration, Live Search is the easiest way to quickly improve your search forms!

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled does not require SearchWP, so it is available on If you have SearchWP installed and activated, Live Search will automatically utilize it. If you don’t, native WordPress search results will be provided.

After uploading and activating Live Search, any form generated using get_search_form() will be automatically enhanced with live search using the default configuration. The default SearchWP search engine will be used (or WordPress native search if SearchWP isn’t available) and the default theme applied. You can customize everything to a great degree, however.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled You may customize the search engine used by setting the data-swpengine attribute on your input field to match the search engine name you would like to use. This only applies when SearchWP is installed and activated, and takes precedence over the engine defined in the applicable config.

You may customize the config used per search form by setting the data-swpconfig attribute on your input to match an array key from the configs array. To customize these use the searchwp_live_search_configs filter.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled outputs some basic styles to properly position the results wrapper. It also outputs a default, minimal theme of sorts. You can remove the default visual styling while retaining the positioning by dequeueing the default theme CSS:

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Free Download The default theme also implements the spinner animation If you are removing the default theme you will need to add the below keyframe animation to your theme’s CSS.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled Demo

Download : SearchWP Live Ajax Search Nulled v1.6.1