SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled [v0.0.2]

Gravity Forms Nulled is a premier forms plugin for WordPress. It is immensely popular and even more capable. This Extension allows you to use Gravity Forms form entries as a custom Source for SearchWP, making it possible to search Gravity Forms Entries with SearchWP!

Adding Gravity Forms Entries to SearchWP’s Index

Once SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled has been installed and activated, your Gravity Forms will appear in the Sources list for your SearchWP Engine Nulled.

Note: This custom Source can be used only with a Supplemental Engine.

Let’s say you were building a feature request area on your website and using Gravity Forms to collect entries.

You could utilize SearchWP Free Download to allow customers to first search existing entries before submitting their own, so they could join in up-voting the existing submission instead of creating a duplicate. SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled

The first step would be to create a new Supplemental Engine that has our Feature Request Form as the Source:

With the form chosen (note that you can combine entries from multiple Gravity Forms into a single Engine if you’d like!) you can pick and choose which field(s) you’d like to consider for searching:SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled Free Download

SearchWP GPL allows you to search the entire Gravity Forms Entry Nulled as a whole, optionally consider any Notes that have been added, or choose exactly which field(s) should be considered when searching, each with its own relevancy weight!

SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled Demo

Download : SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled v0.0.1