SEO Backpack Nulled v2.10.3 / v3.10.3

Search engine optimization… it never ends, right?

Well, unfortunately it wasn’t meant to.

SEO Backpack Nulled As user experience and behavior evolves, so will the technologies that provide and enhance them. A good search experience and accurate results will always be priority for Google and other search engines. We can only try to adapt to that.

For owners of E-Commerce Nulled businesses, chasing the top positions is a continuing challenge.

However, not giving up on your effort for SEO pays off. And it pays off well.

  • 43% of traffic to E-Commerce sites comes from organic Google search and 26% of that traffic is generated by Google Adwords. (Source: Wolfgang digital)

It’s important to obtain as much of that traffic as possible. Ignore the numbers generated by Google Adwords for a second and let’s focus on the organic traffic.


  • 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads on top and focus on the organic results. (Source: Search Engine Land)

Getting to those leading organic results requires a lot of consistency and relentless effort. Producing new content, getting more and more backlinks, it’s a very long list. SEO Backpack Nulled

If only there was a way to fix all of that with a single click…

Well, there is one now. And it’s designed specifically for OpenCart.

We’re proud to introduce SEO Backpack!

The ultimate SEO solution for all users – those who aren’t familiar with optimization, as well as ones who like to dig deep into the configurations and want to reach the highest positions.

Let’s start with 3 simple steps for addressing SEO issues:

  1. Determine an issue
  2. Apply the fix
  3. Verify the results

Below, you are able to see how we organized SEO Backpack’s dashboard.

We created a homebuilt algorithm to identify your SEO score based on more than 20 factors (more about it below).

You are also able to see what needs to be fixed and what is already taken care of. Unlike other modules where you don’t know what is being fixed and what is not, here you can see the bigger picture.

We believe that transparency is important for an SEO tool. SEO Backpack Nulled

That’s why the optimization steps the module performs are displayed in a notification like this one:

It shows the subjects that have been modified by SEO Backpack and the applied changes.

Click the Test again button to verify that the fixes have taken effect and the results are positive.

As you see, we’ve reached a 100% score and our test store has no more issues to resolve.

What does the score mean?

Your OpenCart store has a lot of aspects that are subject to optimization for search engines. URLs, Meta data (titles, descriptions, keywords), product image names, content in information pages, etc.

These are all part of the SEO basics that are needed to set a good optimization foundation for your store.

The SEO Score is an algorithm based on more than 20 factors and measures the ranking performance of your store.

A higher score indicates that the data used by search engines to rank your store in the results (SERPs) is in good shape. SEO Backpack analyzes:

  • How many of your products, categories, manufacturers and information pages have SEO-friendly URLs
  • How many of your products, categories and information pages have Meta titles, descriptions and keywords
  • Whether you have structured data enabled for your products and breadcrumbs

SEO Backpack Nulled is designed to take all of this manual work and do it for you with just a few clicks.

And you can do most of the work straight from the extension’s dashboard, which shows what can be fixed as well as what has already been fixed.

Let’s continue to the rest of the features in SEO Backpack.

URLs & Linking

The URLs & Linking tab gives you 3 levels of configuration – SEO Links, Custom URL Redirects and Auto-Links.

SEO Backpack Nulled Demo

Download : SEO Backpack Nulled v2.10.2 / v3.10.2

SEO Backpack Nulled v3.10.2
– Improvement: OpenCart compatibility
– Improvement: Sectioned feed as an alternative of all products feed
– Bug fix: H1 and H2 input on product edit
– Bug fix: Journal3 Auto-Links
– Bug fix: Category page canonical URLs
– Bug fix: Category page full breadcrumbs
– Bug fix: Breadcrumb rich snippet issue on empty breadcrumb list
– Bug fix: Folder prefix alias with custom URL
– Bug fix: New manufacturer advanced editor

SEO Backpack Nulled v2.10.2
– Improvement: Sectioned feed as an alternative of all products feed
– Bug fix: Breadcrumb rich snippet issue on empty breadcrumb list