Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled [v1.8.8]

Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled you can create custom forms that can register new users or login existing users from your front-end. You can also choose to only allow specific user role(s) to login.

And specify what role a new registered user should get. Of course the Lost password form is also available which allows users to enter their email address to receive a new password. As an option you can select to send an activation email after registration or instantly let users login after their registration. Redirect to any page (for instance a dashboard).

Under the settings ?Register & Login? we have a dropdown called ?Actions?. The following actions are available (see picture below):Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled

  • Register a new user (this will register a new user, you can select what role this user should become)
  • Login (user will be logged in, optionally restrict a specific user role)
  • Reset password (when a user lost his/her password they can resend a new one with their email address)

For the Register action we have the following options available:Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled

  • User role (any available user role by WordPress or external plugins)
  • Send activation link (options are: Send activation email / Auto activate and login)
  • Login page URL (this can/will be used for emails when an activation link has been send)
  • Activation Email Subject (the subject for the activation email)
  • Activation Email Body (the actual message with the generated activation code)
  • Custom meta data (any custom user_meta to be saved, field with this name must be available. example: WooCommerce customers)

For the Login action we have the following options available:Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled

  • Allowed user role(s): (the user roles that are allowed to login via this form, multiple can be selected)
  • Login page URL (user will be redirected to this page if they haven?t activated their account yet with the activation code parameter)
  • Welcome back message (display a welcome message after the user has successfully been logged in)

The following 2 options only apply when you have selected to check on activated accounts only:Super Forms – Register & Login Free Download

  • Incorrect activation code message (the message to display if the activation code was incorrect)
  • Account activated message (a message to notify the user that their account has been activated)

Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled Demo

Download : Super Forms – Register & Login Nulled v1.8.7

Feb 22, 2021 – Version 1.8.7
– Fix: Compatibility with latest WordPress version, E-mail verification broke, due to `action` POST parameter no longer available in latest WP version