SupportCandy SLA Nulled [v2.1.2]

You can set SupportCandy SLA Nulled policies in settings with conditions and time. Whenever there is any activity in ticket e.g. create ticket, change status, reply ticket, etc. SLA policies are checked for it and adds first matched policy time to it.

You can add it in your ticket list. By setting it default orderby in ticket list setting, you do not need to order it manually every time to check overdue tickets. This way, you can take actions on ticket as per SupportCandy SLA Nulled timings and keep your customers happy.

Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates. You can continue using add-ons even after license key expired but will not get support and future updates from us. SupportCandy SLA Nulled

There is setting available to change color of within SupportCandy SLA Nulled and overdue timings in ticket list.You can re-order policies so that important policy get priority to execute. Only first matched policy will get executed for the ticket.

SupportCandy SLA Nulled Demo

Download : SupportCandy SLA Nulled v2.1.1

v2.1.1 (28/12/2020)
Fix: SLA does not stop when a ticket is closed