WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Nulled [v.5.2]

Multi Currency for WooCommerce plugin Nulled allows your customers to browse products and checkout in multiple currencies. The plugin converts WooCommerce product price, coupons, shipping price, taxes to customer-preferred currency. Customers can select the currency on front-end with widget, currencies bar. Or you can set the plugin to detect currency based on customer’s location, site’s language.


  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce 3.x plugin.
  • It is released on WordPress.org and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.
  • Many styles and advance features are only available on pro version.


► Multi Currency: The plugin converts WooCommerce product price, shipping price, coupon code, taxes … between currencies based on the exchange rate.

► Currencies Bar: a small bar float on a side of your pages allows users to change to their preferred currency. Users can hover their mouse on the bar to open the currencies list. Then click on the currency name on the list to switch between currencies.

► Currency selector widget: the widget is available in Appearance/ Widgets, you also can use shortcodes to display the widget on anywhere you want. The widget has 7 front-end styles to make sure it can fit with your web design. WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Nulled

► Price switcher: the price switcher appears under the price in single product pages, allows your customers to switch between currencies. The price switcher has 4 front-end style.

► Fixed Price: with the fixed price option, you can add a “fixed price” for each product/variation in each currency. The fixed price will overwrite the price calculated by the exchange rate.

► Hide Currency on front-end: this option allows you to hide a currency from customers.

► Currency symbol position: the plugin provides 4 ways to display currency symbol and the price.

► Exchange rate: update the exchange rate with data from Google Finance or enter it manually.

► Exchange fee: the plugin allows you to add an exchange fee to each exchange rate. WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Nulled

► Decimal number: the decimal number option allows you to choose how many decimal you want to display on front-end with each currency.

► Custom currency symbol: instead of using the default Woocommerce currency symbol. The plugin allows you to change the symbol of each currency.

► Approximate price: the approximate price option helps you to display an approximate price in customer native currency under the original price. Help customers to see the price in their native currency. The native currency will be detected based on location.

► Geo-Detect: the plugin will detect user country based on IP address, then select a currency to display prices. You can assign countries to currencies.

► Language Detect: the plugin select currency to based on site language. This option works with WPML and Polylang.

► Multi Currency Checkout: customers can check out in their selected currency. This option requires suitable payment gateways to work.

WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Nulled Demo

Download : WooCommerce Multiple Currencies Nulled v.5.1