WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses 17.9

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses [v18.8] Nulled


WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Nulled (WCMCA) will allow your registered customers to associate multiple addresses to their profile and optionally different products address on Checkout page!

The idea behind the plugin is to have let the customer to easily save multiple billing and/or shipping addresses to be later used during the checkout process.
Furthermore, the plugin allows the user to save new addresses also directly in the checkout page! In this way the user, once saved an address (by accessing the My Account page or directly in the Checkout page) will be able to select on the fly as shipping and/or billing address any previously saved address!

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses GPL now allows your customers to assign different shipping addresses for each product during the Checkout process!


Simply accessing to the My Account page every customer will be able to add, edit or delete additional billing and/or shipping addresses that later could be used during the checkout process as shipping or billing address. Before saving an address, the plugin performs a validation process on postcode (according the selected country), email and phone number fields. For each address, the user will be also able to set default addresses option, in this way the marked address will be the one automatically loaded as billing/shipping address on checkout form!

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Free Download now allows your customers to ship each item to different addresses! You have just to enable the special Shipping per product on the plugin options menu and that’s it! :)
The plugin will display in the Checkout order table, under each item, a select menu seamless integrated by which the registered customer will be able to create a new billing/shipping address or to select an already existing address to which the item will be shipped!

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Nulled Demo



= v18.7 - 10.02.21 =
* Minor bugfix