Wpshop Clearfy Pro – WordPress Optimization Plugin Nulled [v.3.3.6]

Wpshop Clearfy Pro – WordPress Optimization Plugin Nulled +49 points to improve your site, SEO preparation of the site, removing duplicate pages, cleaning code from garbage, correct redirects, additional protection and more …

Plugin works successfully on 40284 sites.

Removes unnecessary links from the <head> section

By default, WP displays links to RSD, WLW Manifest, short link /? P = 1, previous and next posts.

Clearfy: Removes unnecessary links from the <head> section. Wpshop Clearfy Pro – WordPress Optimization Plugin Nulled

Removes styles .recentcomments

By default, WP for the “recent comments” widget prescribes styles in the code that are almost impossible to change. important is applied to them.

Clearfy: Removes .recentcomments styles from the <head> section.

Removes dns-prefetch

Since version 4.6.1, WordPress has new links in a section <head>like this: <link rel = ‘dns-prefetch’ href = ‘// sworg’>

Clearfy: Remove dns-prefetch links from the <head> section Wpshop Clearfy Pro Nulled

Removes jquery-migrate.min.js

The jquery-migrate.min.js file is required for older jQuery scripts prior to 1.9.x. There is practically no need to use this file now.

Clearfy: Removes jquery-migrate.min.js connection from <head>

As a result: the source code is cleaner, the page weight is less, there are no unnecessary external links

Improves SEO on the site

Automatically adds the title Last Modified

WordPress cannot give the Last Modified header in server responses and give the correct 304 Not Modified response. And this title is very important for search engines. Its presence speeds up indexing, reduces the load and allows search engines to load more pages into the index at a time. Read more in our blog.

Clearfy: Applies the Last Modified * header to all posts, pages, archives (categories, tags, etc.) and returns the correct answer if the page has not been changed. Wpshop Clearfy Pro Free Download
* Depends on the hoster, some server settings do not allow this header to be sent

Automatically sets the alt attribute

The alt attribute is required, as most SEOs say. If suddenly you missed it in the article or did not fill it out at all, it will be added automatically and will be equal to the name of the article.

Clearfy: Sets the alt attribute to images in content where it is not set.

Hides external links in comments in JS

Extra external links from comments, which can be typed in a dozen or more for one article, will not bring anything good for promotion.

Clearfy: Replaces only external links in comments with JS code, it is outwardly impossible to distinguish from regular links.

Hides external links of comment authors in JS

Up to 90% of comments on a blog can be left for an external link. Even nofollow from page weight leakage won’t help here.

Clearfy: Replaces comment authors’ links with JS code, it is externally impossible to distinguish them from regular links.
* Works with the standard commenting form, if the form is written manually in your theme – it may not work!

Creates correct robots.txt

Once installed, WP does not contain a robots.txt file and must be manually created. We have re-read about 30 different articles, instructions from Yandex and Google to create the perfect robots.txt Wpshop Clearfy Pro Nulled

Clearfy: Automatically generates perfect robots.txt editable from the admin area.

Redirect from http to https

If you have configured an SSL certificate on your domain, be sure to enable the redirect from http to https so that search engines index your site correctly.

Clearfy: Enables a redirect from http to https

Noindex for pagination pages

New, added in 3.2.0

Search engine search results include pagination pages / page / 2 /, / page / 3 /, etc. Wpshop Clearfy Pro Nulled

Clearfy: Closes pagination pages / page / 2 /, / page / 3 / etc. from indexing. using the noindex tag.

HTML minification

It allows you to reduce the page size by 20-30% by removing line breaks, tabs, spaces, etc. In addition to reducing page weight, this adds points to Google PageSpeed.

Clearfy: Minify the page

As a result: the site is easier to pro

Wpshop Clearfy Pro – WordPress Optimization Plugin Nulled Demo

Download : Wpshop Clearfy Pro – WordPress Optimization Plugin Nulled v.3.3.5