/ / Flink [v1.7] Nulled (WordPress App Builder Auto WordPress to Native Android App + Ultimate Admin Panel)

Flink [v1.7] Nulled (WordPress App Builder Auto WordPress to Native Android App + Ultimate Admin Panel)



Flink Nulled WordPress App Builder makes it possible to create the Android application of your WordPress website & blog in an easy way.


  • User Friendly Material Interface – Material interface, which by Google has been stated as necessary for all mobile apps, websites and products and which is a sense of design that combines known design values with scientific studies, is used in your app.
  • Fully Compliant with WordPress – Your application works smoothly with many features of WordPress like post, page, category, tag, in-post gallery, audio and video players and users.
  • Two Way Synchronization – Your app is connected to your website via API, so any content updated by you on your website is also updated in your app instantaneously. No need for extra actions.
  • Push Notifications with Firebase – You can inform your users about newly added content or your application by sending push notifications.
  • Multilanguage Support – Your users are able to use your app in different languages and they can switch to different languages via language section on “Settings” page.
  • RTL (Right to Left) Language Support – Your app supports right-to-left languages like Arabic, Farsi, Hebraic and Urdu.
  • Multiple Layout Support – You can use 4-5 different layout options like “grid, list, box and big box for listing pages of your app like post, category, author etc.
  • Different Theme Options – Your users are able to use themes with different colors. They are able to change it anytime.
  • Firebase Integration – You can reach many detailed info about your app users via Firebase (number of active users using your app, number of active accounts, daily user interaction, user’s demographical info etc.)
  • Earning Money (Advertisements) – You can create income with banner and native ads via platforms like Google AdMob, Facebook Audience Network.
  • “Pull to Refresh” Feature – Your users can update the data by pulling top section of the screen towards bottom section with their finger. For example, GPL if there is a new data, it is shown after this action.
  • “Load More” Feature – Your users are able to load further data by dragging their finger from bottom towards top on the screen.
  • Splash Screen – If you use membership login feature in your app, a “splash screen” is first shown to your users. On this page, a title and a short explanation about your app as well as membership related buttons (register, login etc.) are shown.
  • Membership – If you wish, you can activate user registration and login features (work fully integrated with WordPress) by using membership feature in your app.
  • Editing Profile – Your users can edit any info on their profile and easily complete many actions like password reset.
  • “Gravatar” Support and Custom Profile Picture Upload – Your app supports well-known Gravatar profile picture platform. additionally, your users can also upload their own photos.
  • Screen Transition Animations – You can use many different animations for screen transition in your app.
  • Adding to Favorites – Your users are able to add any content they like and want to read later into their favorites and they can also reach this content easily.
  • Menu and Tab Option Management – You can manage your app’s tab and menu options, activate or deactivate any option and sort them as you wish.
  • Native Gallery, Audio & Video Player – Support is available for natively coded, WordPress compliant, single and multiple video and audio players as well as gallery in your app’s content pages.
  • Password Protected Content – You can define some content accessible with a password by specific users when you don’t want all your users to see that specific content. In your app, this content can be seen only by logged in users.
  • Comments – Your users can comment on your content in your app.
  • Comment “Like & Dislike” Feature – Your users can show their like or dislike towards any comment in your app.
  • Data Filter – Your users can define filters on your app’s data listing pages and access some data in a more prior way based on the defined sorting (i.e. from A to Z, from Z to A, Comment Count from High to Low, Comment Count from Low to High)
  • Detailed Search – Your users can reach desired items by making simultaneous searches over posts, pages and authors with search menu of your app.
  • Categories – Your users can reach your content with the categories you created.
  • Hierarchical Category Support – All subcategories of your main categories are shown flawlessly and in a hierarchical way in your app.
  • Pages – You can show the pages Free Download that you use in WordPress and that you can create specially for your app to your users.
  • Authors – You can show your authors in your app and let your users reach many information about your authors (author posts, post count, profile info etc.)
  • Archive – You can show your posts archived based on years and months.
  • Tag Cloud – With the tags listed in tag cloud, your users can reach similar content in an easier way.
  • Social Accounts – You can share your social media accounts with your users. More than 20 social platforms are supported.
  • Social Share – Your users can easily share your app and your content on social platforms.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – You can help your users by adding frequently asked questions and their answers.

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