/ FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled [v1.5.10]

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled [v1.5.10]


Flexible Form Builder

Create your own custom attendee fields using a variety of different input types (text fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, times, email addresses, URLs, numbers, alphanumeric). The FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled form builder interface is intuitive and easy to use and it opens up a wide range of possibilities for understanding your attendees better and running more sophisticated events.

Customer Engagement

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled Gain a better understanding of your customers by capturing their information and preferences. Attendee information can be included in the tickets that are sent to attendees as well as from within the Event Check-ins apps when checked into an event. All attendee information can also be exported in CSV format for each event which can then be imported into your CRM or marketing management system.

Simple Configuration

Start sending PDF tickets in minutes. Simply upload the plugin files and activate!FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled

Single or Multiple Tickets

You can choose between sending each ticket as a separate PDF or include all tickets in a single PDF.FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled

Print Friendly

Send tickets in a simple, print-friendly PDF format. Attendees just need to download the file and print it out.The following demos use the FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Free Download extension to capture attendee information at checkout.

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled Demo

Download : FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields Nulled v1.5.9

v1.5.9 (23 March 2021)
FIXED: Various small bugs
TESTED ON: WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1.0