/ / MercadoPago v2.2.1 Nulled (payment plugin for VirtueMart)

MercadoPago v2.2.1 Nulled (payment plugin for VirtueMart)



This is a MercadoPago Nulled Checkout API and IPN 2.0 implementation for VirtueMart 3 and automatic currency exchange convertion at checkout time (needs optional currency exchange rate plugin installed, click here to view available plugins)

Install Instructions:
1_ Make shure you have latest VirtueMart version, tested with VM 3.0.2
2_ Install it using joomla installer
3_Publish plugin in joomla plugin manager
4Create and configure payment method in VirtueMart (Components->VirtueMart->Payment Methods->New)
5Set Payment Name as you like
Set Published to Yes
7Set Payment Method to VMPayment – MercadoPago GPL Payment Plugin With IPN 2.0 And Checkout API
8Click Apply
9Click Configuration tab
10Set configuration as you like
11_Get Client ID and Client Secret from MercadoPago Free Download (Option ‘Obtener mis credenciales’).

IPN Instructions:
To be able to use the IPN functionality, first configure the payment method in VirtueMart, and the plugin will tell you the correct URL

MercadoPago Nulled Demo